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The Beginning

                                              Hello there! I'M Aley. Well to begin with I am very stoked about starting this blog. It’s something that I've wanted  to do for a while now; I have always enjoyed literature in general. I am really striving to make a  positive impact on the world... that is one of my life goals actually. I think that as long as something is worked for then it will be achieved. Not only will I be writing about current issues in my generation, but would like to include personal experiences in order to maybe help others. Life has many ups and downs.. both do a whole lot of teaching, but I've realized that the negative especially.  I also think it will be fun to include some DIY’s, fashion, and on some days simply my thoughts on here.. Well personally I find my thoughts not so simple, but maybe they are and it’s just me… wait there I go again haha. Anyway… overall, I believe in living compassionately and growing instead of simply g