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YOU. Your inner being; No label needed

Hello Everyone!      Today I want to elaborate on one of my main ideals. I call it an ideal because based on very personal experiences, this is something that I very much value.  Everyday I try to get closer to not only discovering who I am, but living the life I want for myself. It's certainly not easy, but it is very much worth it. I constantly see many people being afraid of showing themselves to the world. So many factors go into this, from wanting to impress someone to being told how to act. For most, acceptance is the goal... but what if you only needed your own acceptance and approval?       It has to do with the fact that us as humans have been conditioned to society's standards. For example, what is beauty? What is an acceptable way of living? And even the opinions that we have. We're expected to overall live so limited and unrealistically. It's such an irony actually, the reality is unrealistic. In my opinion, we have so much more potential and life wit