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My Top 5 Shopping Tools!

​ Hello everyone! Today I wanted to tell you all about some of my favorite online shopping tools. As a blogger/influencer, I am constantly shopping for items that help keep my life organized and revamping my wardrobe. I love keeping my home organized, clean, and looking chic. Therefore, I need shopping tools to help make my purchases in an efficient way. If you are looking to modernize and organize your shopping experiences, please checkout the list below!  5. CouponsForChange : one of my favorites because of the amazing impact it has on our community. They have printable coupons, & cash back offers! I have found great deals on pet food and much more. 4. DealNews : this one is great because they offer department store coupons too! For example, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Not only do they offer store coupons, but also places to stay like Great Wolf Lodge! 3. YipIt : they specialize in digital coupons, you can anywhere from 20%, 45%, and 75%. They also offer Giveaway deals which is