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Hello Everyone! This past week I've been feeling very down/upset about what has been going on. I believe that anyone not speaking out about "Zero Tolerance" which involves te seperation of Mexican and Central American immigrant children from their parents is contributing with their silence. We are not in a time where silence is an option. No matter what your skin color is. Children are being taken from their parents. They are in cages. It's 2018, in the United States of America. We are suppose to be way better than this. Anyone arguing against this fact is blind to the reality surrounding us. I've seen arguments such as that it is the parents fault. No it is not, plain and simple. They are trying to save their children from the horrors that are happening in their home countries. I'm sure 99% of us who care about our family would to the same. On another note, a lot of Republicans hide their cruel ways behind being a false patriot. Patriotism is not an excus