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The controversey of religion, IS SOCIETY WAKING UP?

Hello Everyone! Who else stays up at night watching unsolved mysteries and other spooky things? Well I am definitely one of those people. Yes, it's pretty fun, but I absolutely enjoy research. Aside from being interested in these things, there are a lot of cases that leave me angry and disgusted. Because most of these are true events that happened. For some people it may be difficult to fathom, but the reality behind it is as true as every day life. With that being said, atrocities happen all over the world and a lot of it is covered up. Today I want to talk about religion. I was raised Catholic, for years we went to church on Sunday. Then particularly in my family, we all began to get busier and go Saturdays or just on holidays. Point being, whether it's because people get busier or have less faith in religion people stop going to church. What a lot of society doesn't think about though is why do we go to church? Is it because of tradition? faith? pressure? guilt? Whateve