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#KissAndMakeup | Bystander Revolution & Tarte Cosmetics

Hello everyone!      Today, I want to invite you all to stand with Bystander Revolution & Tarte Cosmetics in order to raise awareness against cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is something that everyone should know is simply wrong to do. Why bully someone, even online? Words truly damage people and with so many young kids online... the effects can be terrible. ''#KissAndMakeup'' is a trend designed to start a more positive online culture.      All you do is post a photo of yourself with a kiss mark (on your hand) covering your lips, then you compliment and tag a few people. I think this is a lovely way to just put out good vibes. I do remind you that this is for EVERYONE not simply women. Although, I highly support the concept of us women sticking together and supporting each other instead of dragging each other down. On that note, I hope you all decide to support this great cause. Thanks so much for reading.

Update & Deleting Social Media

Hello Everyone!       How are you all? I wanted to discuss why I have not been uploading YouTube videos every week on my channel RoseLifeXO. I noticed that I did very well during the month of December! Which I'm happy about. Haha Anyway, it is because I had been moving houses and if you all have not experienced that, then let me tell you that it is very stressful. Especially with a big family and having college every morning (plus sometimes evenings). Even though yes, I have been under a lot of emotional/physical stress... I will be fine. Basically, me filming while feeling down would've been negative. I enjoy sharing parts of my life with you all, but I rather keep a balance of me being real and keeping negative things off of my content. My motive is to spread positivity. The last thing I want to do is complain, so I will not do that! Overall, I am happy about the move and glad that I am almost settled in. The place will only be temporary, but I do not want to get into that.