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Fruit punch & pumpkin

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing two autumn style recipes with you all, that I have been LOVING! One is a drink and the other is a snack/dessert. They are both vegetarian as well so no worries my fellow vegetarians or vegans. Haha  ♥ Now for the drink, it is a homemade style hot fruit punch. I know that for example guavas are not typically sold in Canada haha because I gave this recipe to one of my Canadian friends, but no worries! It can still be made. Ingredients: -1 medium pot -FRUIT!- 3 guavas, 3 apples, 2 oranges (rinse) -2 Sugar cane, YES! the real kind because it is the best sweetener for this drink and is a fruit as well *optional* -1 medium stick of cinnamon -Small handful or spoonful of Jamaican/flower leaves *optional* -Brown or white sugar Step 1: Pre-heat your pot with 2 liters of water to medium heat Step 2: Let it boil and add the stick of cinnamon and Jamaican leaves Step 3: Wait 5 minutes and add the fruit Step 4. Wait 10 minutes and check if fruit is

Sister To Sister

Hello everyone! Well as some of you may know I have a sister named Cece (Cecilia) which is also my best friend and co-owner of , little sister named Camila, 2 younger younger brothers, and a precious little girl from Rwanda, Africa named Sylvie that I care for as a sister, which my parents decided to sponsor as well! They all mean the world to me and in a way these crazy kids inspired me to sign up for an event called ''Sister To Sister''. I basically got assigned a little girl for the day. I was assigned a 9 year old girl named Noelia. We met and I got to know her for about an hour while we had breakfast and talked. To my surprise she was also vegetarian and loved YouTube as well. Rad chick haha. After that we got to go to an arcade/bowling alley and had pizza. Who doesn't like pizza right?! Also I vlogged, but unfortunately I lost half of the footage and I didn't think it made sense to upload just one half. It was hilarious, bec

Hello November!

Hello everyone! How is it November already?! That means sweater weather, Thanksgiving, and more! Haha It is insane to think how fast the time has gone. 2014 is almost over and 2015 will be here soon. I have to admit that I have mixed emotions about that.. pretty soon many changes will be happening in my life and I'll be making tough choices. I don't want to get into that right now though. Anyway, how was everyone's Halloween? If you celebrate it, I hope that you all had fun and got loads of candy! Heart To Heart front man So I just hope that you had a wonderful start to this month already! I sure did, I'm so happy I went to the Pure Noise Tour last night. State Champs and the rest of the bands were rad as heck. I hope that November in general, brings us all many great memories & blessings. I personally, plan to start making more YouTube videos/vlogs (open to suggestions). I have a few ideas for new videos & blog posts for the near future too so I'm