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STOP Yulin Dog Festival | Support Saturday

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce to you a new segment on my blog & YouTube channel, called "Support Saturday'' . I will be choosing a cause/charity about once a month to post about. I invite you to help me raise awarness for these important matters please. So I chose the Chinese Yulin Dog Festival that will be held June 21st, 2015.  If you are not familiar with it it's when about 10,000 dogs are murdered and sold for their meat. Some are even stolen from their homes. This heartless event is not a race issue, it is a moral one. I don't understand how some people can do this. It is our duty to speak up for creatures that cannot even speak. So please if you don't have anything positive to comment, then save that energy and use it for something positive. Below I will leave links to donate and or sign the petition to stop the Yulin Dog Festival. Let's come together and spread light. Thanks so much for reading! XO DONATE:  http://www.whosa