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JUNETEENTH! Why is it a celebration?

Hello everyone! Today I'm writing about Juneteenth, this celebration dates back to 1865. On June 19th, the Union soldiers landed at Galveston, Texas and the news spread that the Civil war had ended and that ALL slaves were now free. I wanted to write about this because a lot  of us are ignorant to our history. It is ALL of our history because our ancestors played a role in the disgraceful act of slavery. Whether we are of European, African, or Aztect/Native. Each and every one of us now has privilege that people of color then and now do not have. Our society has functioned in a strange way since thousands of years ago. The white skinned people (males primarily) were at the top of society, they made the rules about what was legal and illegal. They decided to transport African people to the America's to use them as a free labor force. Not only was their freedom taken away, but they were beaten, separated from their families, traumatized, and raped. These same people turned ar