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Hello everyone! By now you have probably heard of the Australia fires. They have killed so many animals, humans, and left so many creatures without a home. I believe that it is important to educate others on the causes of these fires instead of asking people to donate blindly. YES, adopting a Kohala or donating (NOT to the Red Cross or Salvation Army because they're terrible), is amazing, but knowing the ways we can prevent climate change is more beneficial for ourselves and the environment. The over-consumption of animal products has put this planet in a horrible situation. Places like India are being affected by having unsafe oxygen to breathe. Right now, it may be Australia and India, but one day it could be the United States or your own country. Climate Change is killing our planet and soon the future children/animals will not have a place to live. Many people that I've met always think that because they are one person they can't make a difference by dropping meat,