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Hello everyone! As you all may know, the United States is facing a revolution. We must continue to support Black Lives Matter. RIP George Floyd. Enough with racism and making people endure police brutality! I am completely against any discrimination, especially when it comes to the Black community. Yes, every other civil injustice matters, but be respectful and an ally. No excuses, this is not the time to be weak. Have you ever wondered what you would've done if you were alive during other horrific historical events? Now is your chance! I will not be supporting anything or anyone who sides with the oppressors. Everyone who is not Black can help uplift Black voices. The government fears union and that is what we need. In addition to business/people showing their true colors... if you know me, then you know that I've always hated the brand D*llskill. From stealing designs to supporting racism/oppression. That is why, (below) I have built a list of Black women owned shops! C

PIGLY: free & helpful financial tools!

Hello everyone!  Welcome back, I am excited to tell you all about an amazing website that was just launched called Pigly. Pigly is a reliable source of personal finance utilities. They offer free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance. I highly recommend them.  I know a lot of us went through High School in the United States without access to learning crucial information provided by business/finance courses. That is why it is very important to do your own research. We  live in a capitalistic society, which is why it is essential for us to learn for ourselves. Knowledge is power and this site offers something irrelevant for almost everyone. Some of the tools that Pigly offers includes: home loans, budgeting, mortgages, savings, retiring, and more! This website provides so much helpful information that is easy to read & digest.  Personally, I am mostly interested in the freedom this website allows you with all the tools at your disposa

Making $ from home: TELEWORK APP!

Hello everyone! A lot of us have lost our jobs due to COVID-19, not to mention that it is extremely important to stay home if you are not out doing essential things. The majority of my days, I spend them trying to improve my brand and work from my phone.  Today I'd like to tell you all about an amazing app that helps you make money on the web! I have always known that I wanted to work from my computer. As you all know, I am blogger and also make YouTube videos. Having an app/platform to speak to people while keeping social distance is crucial during this time. The Telework app helps you make money while doing web video consultations. This app is great for tutors, instructors, and experts who want to hold video calls with their clients. This app lets you set your rate/prices and ''office hours''. For example, a musician who offers guitar lessons could use this app to organize their lessons. Work from home apps are the future! TRY IT YOURSELF, DOWNLOAD:  https:/

COVID-19 RELIEF! How can we help?

Hello, as you all know. We are all going through so many challenges and changes right now. So I wanted to put together a list of resources people can use! Or if you are able to and would like to help, I will list places that need help. These are the best links I could find! I hope you all are staying healthy & safe. Thanks for reading. Stay away from others in public, wear a mask, And wash your hands. It is more effective than sanitizer!  Find your local food banks: City of Los Ángeles COVID-19 testing: How to help?!  RAÍCES TEXAS: Donate plasma to New York COVID victims: RENT RELIEF FOR IMMIGRANTS:

The COVID-19 Experience, so far...

Hello everyone!  I’ve missed it here. Well as we all know, a lot has been happening. From the beginning, in January Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and 7 other people passed away in a helicopter crash. Rest In Peace to all of them. I hope their families are healing. The world was pretty much also on fire and now, COVID-19 has pretty much changed all of our lives. How is everyone doing? My regular day job closed down indefinitely. Me being a Capricorn worries of course, but the more I think of it... my workplace NEEDED IT. I won’t bore you all with the details, but the universe ALWAYS knows when enough is enough. BUT I’m doing more than okay, I’m so grateful. Other than that, I’ve been doing my best to take care of myself and everyone around me. I have a strong feeling that humanity as a whole will learn a lot from this.  I’ve been taking the time to read, work on my content, and exercise! I have bettered my yoga flow and I’m incredibly happy about that. Also I wante


Hello everyone! By now you have probably heard of the Australia fires. They have killed so many animals, humans, and left so many creatures without a home. I believe that it is important to educate others on the causes of these fires instead of asking people to donate blindly. YES, adopting a Kohala or donating (NOT to the Red Cross or Salvation Army because they're terrible), is amazing, but knowing the ways we can prevent climate change is more beneficial for ourselves and the environment. The over-consumption of animal products has put this planet in a horrible situation. Places like India are being affected by having unsafe oxygen to breathe. Right now, it may be Australia and India, but one day it could be the United States or your own country. Climate Change is killing our planet and soon the future children/animals will not have a place to live. Many people that I've met always think that because they are one person they can't make a difference by dropping meat,