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April 1st, 2015

Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing? Well I just simply wanted to say hello and that I hope you all are doing wonderfully. I also just really felt like writing. I cannot believe that we are in April already! About 2 more months and I will be done with high school. Surreal. As of right now my University plans are going well. Let's just live life. Know when to not take things too seriously... to the point where we feel on the verge of a breakdown. Anyway, lately I've been doing more mediation and it has been great. I feel so much refreshed and centered afterwards. I definitely recommend you to try it! Because this week my anxiety had been acting up... during school. Not fun at all. I'm glad I know the source though. That helps. Don't you hate it when you miss someone? It's annoying. Haha, but I keep reminding myself that if they really wanted to be part of my life... they would. Let's not force things. Another thing going on in my life at the moment, is that