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iLinked Messenger! A new mobile app!

​ As a social media creator I am always trying out and learning about new apps. That is why I wanted to tell you all about iLinked Messenger. iLinked Messenger is an innovative new app that helps connect business owners, hiring, and companies. iLinked Messenger is especially great for messaging and keeping professionals in the loop. Another way iLinked Messenger can be used is for is growing your network, either of clients or employees. Try out iLinked messenger, a new and efficient way to send messages.  I believe mobile are and will continue to be the future. Be sure to check it out & download it!   If you are looking for a trustworthy Law Group to add to your professional contacts, Wade Law Group is one that I would highly recommend. Please check out their website to see what practice areas they specialize in. For example: business litigation, Real Estate, Appeals, and Personal Injury. Click here:  Wade Law Group I will leave you with this amazing blog post, please check it out

CHIPPIN! Sustainable pet treats! REVIEW

Hello everyone! As someone who is vegan, I cannot describe how much I adore animals. Especially, dogs! I've had a fur baby since almost 9 years ago. The love for a pet is like no other, they become family members. Many people might say that my dog is ''spoiled'', but animals deserve to be treated in the best way possible. That is why I was so happy to have found Chippin. Chippin is a small business that creates sustainable, baked, dog treats and food. I am all for supporting small businesses. I trust Chippin when it comes to choosing treats and food for my Dolce. This brand's products contain high quality protein which is also humanely sourced. I decided to pick the variety pack of treats, it comes with 4 different flavors. Dolce absolutely loved all of them! The variety pack includes Spirulina, Smokehouse BBQ, and Banana, Blueberry, & Cricket. They even smell great, compared to most treats in my opinion. All the ingredients are natural, hypoallergetic, S