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CHANEL Paris-Hamberg 2017/2018 FASHION SHOW

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite fashion shows from recent years. I'll start by discussing the admirable architecture of this Germany venue. This is the first Chanel fashion show that I've watched that has this ''music hall'' style venue. From the seating arrangement to the orchestra playing in the center, this show had an elegant vibe. Personally, I adore classical music so I think that this was a beautiful touch for the cool temperature collection. The music that was chosen fit so well with this, everything looked so put together! The first few outfits were definitely my favorite. Oversized dark-colored sweaters and thigh-high boots. The adornments featured gave a holiday vibe without being too overwhelming. There were shades of reds, neutral tones, and sparkly embellishments among the clothing. The helmet style headgear with tulle fabric gave a sense of fierceness that supported Chanel's distinguished androgynous style