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Real Estate during COVID-19

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about real estate. Real Estate affects all of our lives even if we do not realize it or actively participate in it. This global pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted residential real estate tremendously. This past Spring, the real estate market was affected by the stay-at-home orders issued by some states. No one knew how the virus was spreading and how to prevent it from beckoning a bigger problem. So this had led to fewer buyers looking for homes and fewer sellers willing to list their properties, or allow strangers/the public to enter their homes in fear of contacting COVID-19. As the pandemic proceeded, life has proceeded as well. Families are growing and looking to expand the size of their homes, some have made the transition to work from work which has them spending even more time inside. All of these factors have caused a desire for stability and safety amongst all age groups. Especially young people, people in their 20’s and 30’s who are needin