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Iroiro Natural Semi-Permanent HAIR DYE

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to tell yall about a stunning VIBRANT & LONG LASTING hair dye that I discovered! If you know me, you know that I adore dyeing my hair. I love changing it up and expressing an alternative style! That's just me. So I've tried many hair dye brands and so far Iroiro Colors has been THE BEST ONE! The color that I chose for them to send me was SILVER 130. I've wanted to dye my hair silver for the longestttt time! I finally did it and I'm absolutely happy and grateful that Iroiro decided to send me their product. PLEASE make sure to check out their website, they have 16 colors that you can choose from. HUGE SELECTION! Best of all they are natural and vegan friendly! Plus the 00 Iro Color Liberator (dye diluter) which makes the color less intense if you're going for a pastel color! This is seriously the best hair dye that I have used. Hope yall enjoy their products as much as I do! The staff is absolutely lovely! Let me know your thought