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Girls Not Brides | Support Saturday

Hello Everyone! So I came across this petition and decided to look more into it. The petition's goal is to raise awareness against child marriage. It is primarily protects young girls from child marriage and FGM in the UK, but is based in OVER 80 COUNTRIES. I really think that this issue needs world wide attention. It is time we stop this practice. Change doesn't happen unless people speak out and bring attention to it. Marrying child not only deprives them of a childhood, but of basic needs... they become dependent and dis-empowered. Not to mention pregnancy which comes with terrible risks that put the lives of the mother and the baby in jeopardy. So I hope you all decide to sign this petition! It is super easy and there is also an option to donate. Thank you all for reading. Their stories: '' Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 28 girls every minute – married off too soon, endangerin

New Chapter

Hello Everyone! I would like to welcome you to my blog! If you're new here or have been here for a while, THANK YOU. So I thought it was time for a much needed change and hopefully this new design is easy for you to navigate and overall have a nice experience when reading. When I first began writing on here... I had a vision for myself to simply put my thoughts, updates, on here, but most of all to listen and to talk to you all. I still do. My main goal is still to connect, hopefully bring joy and maybe even a form of inspiration to other's lives. In no way do I view myself as a role model, but I do not view myself as a ''bad'' person. I'm not here to impress anyone with superficiality. I do not wish to contribute to a never ending cycle of hate and drama in society... especially, on the internet. I've had so many people tell me to create a ''brand'' for myself, (I have nothing against those who do) ,but that's not me. I'm s