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Parks & Devastation Tour | VLOG |

Hello Everyone! How are you all? :-) I hope you're doing wonderful. So I recently uploaded Cece and I's Parks & Devastation Tour | VLOG | on Like I mentioned in  the video, it was pretty hard to vlog in the pit. I mean it's BMTH & ADTR haha, but I tried and it ended up being a lot of footage.  The show was amazing and surreal. I also decided to keep a lot of it because I liked the look of the full experience.. isn't that what a vlog is suppose to be. Well to me it is :-) I hope you all LIKE it/subscribe and let me know in the comments if you went or your favorite band! Be fearless & smile! ❤

You need nature & nature needs you

Hello Everyone! So few weekend ago I chose to volunteer for a river clean up. My city does it a few times a year and this was my first time going to this event so I was pretty stoked. There were only seven people participating in the group I was in so when we got to the lake I did not expect so many people! I was wrong though, quite a lot of people were there from many different organizations and churches. The day started off as cloudy, but the sun began to shine about an hour after we arrived.. so it got pretty hot! It was hilarious trying to walk down steep pavement and into a bridge that lead us over the river. There were many hills so overall it was a leg workout haha. Cece and I decided to explore some places while we were there and found a pond. As you can imagine the rocks had a lot of bottles and such caught between them though so I hiked down to get them out. It was a good feeling seeing the difference afterwards. Later on, we all went downtown for a gathering with the res

Sexual Harassment

Hello Everyone!      As I sit here tonight, drinking a cup of tea and think about the immense amount of controversy in the past few days surrounding Sam Pepper, sexual harassment allegations against him, and the whole YouTube community in general. I can't help, but write my thoughts about it. If you know me, then you know that I'm someone who not only makes YouTube videos, but adores watching them as well. Therefore, I'm very fond of this community.      All of this angers and saddens me quite a lot. Sexual harassment cannot be excused as a ''prank'', it is not a joke, and there is nothing funny about it. If someone does not want you to touch them then don't do it! Simple as that. There is absolutely NO excuse for touching someone without their consent. Well I know for a fact that Sam is a disrespectful person because we were at the same event last year and seeing how he was acting, I didn't even bother to talk to him. Now, with all these ladies c