Sexual Harassment

Hello Everyone!
     As I sit here tonight, drinking a cup of tea and think about the immense amount of controversy in the past few days surrounding Sam Pepper, sexual harassment allegations against him, and the whole YouTube community in general. I can't help, but write my thoughts about it. If you know me, then you know that I'm someone who not only makes YouTube videos, but adores watching them as well. Therefore, I'm very fond of this community.

     All of this angers and saddens me quite a lot. Sexual harassment cannot be excused as a ''prank'', it is not a joke, and there is nothing funny about it. If someone does not want you to touch them then don't do it! Simple as that. There is absolutely NO excuse for touching someone without their consent. Well I know for a fact that Sam is a disrespectful person because we were at the same event last year and seeing how he was acting, I didn't even bother to talk to him. Now, with all these ladies coming forward with their experiences about him (majority do have proof) is just terrible. Anyway, please know that this is not intended to bash him. I just cannot imagine how traumatic it must be for anyone to go through those horrible things.

     Also some other things that I would like to address is that everyone sharing their opinions should receive respect and should not be labeled as a feminist complaint because it is not. Simply because this type of harassment mainly happens to women it does not mean that. For the ones taking advantage of the situation is pretty low as well. Whether it's a celebrity/YouTuber using fans for inappropriate relations or just a regular person, it's still wrong. I just feel like no matter who the person is, please do not let them do things to you that you don't like or are uncomfortable with. If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation please get out of it as soon as you can because things can escalate into to something worse. Don't feel like you're ever alone okay? There are so many people you can reach out for help or simply to talk to, including myself. You're an individual and deserve respect. Take care loves and have a nice rest of your week! :-)

Be fearless & smile!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Aley Rose! This was an excellent post <3

    Freya Blendell

    1. I'm glad you agree Freya! Thank you very much :-)


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