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#BoycottDriscoll's | PROTEST

Hello Everyone! I would like to bring this protest to your attention. If you have not yet heard of the Driscoll's protest here is an insight. These immigrant workers are out in the scorching sun picking fruit for about $6 an hour for 12-15 hours! They are being treated terribly and harassed every day. IMAGINE how much bravery it took for them to come together and tell authorities. Not only are they being assaulted while trying to work (including child workers), but they are being threatened and the employers refuse to negotiate with them for better working conditions and salaries. These people are the backbone of America and some don't seem to want to understand that. Look around you; your gardener, school janitor, construction worker, ect. They are all part of the immigrant labor force because they have families to provide for. They are WORKING they are trying to survive. These people deserve EQUALITY and to be treated better. That is why this protest calls for an end to: