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Mortgage Calculator | My Experience!

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I recently got married. Marriage usually means a new home or thinking about purchasing a new home in the future. How many of you enjoy planning ahead like I do or are currently looking for a new home to purchase? In this post I will tell you about my recent findings regarding an amazing morgage calculator that I have been using called Monthly Payment Calculator  and the current state of the housing market. Recently I did some research on the housing market as of now and realized how it would not be the best time to purchase this month. That is why I decided to use Mortgage Calculators  as my morgage calculator in order to plan ahead. They have the tools to either "refinance today" or "purchase today", plus a ton of payment tools. I think these tools are extremely valuable and easy to use. I think that it is essential to familiarize ourselves with these tools, plus become comfortable using them for our own use and other people


Hello everyone! I recently posted a photo of these enchiladas I made. I was asked for the recipe by a few people, but honestly there is not a specific one. I would like to share my personal recipe that I saw/learned growing up on making authentic Mexican enchiladas, but as you all know... I am vegan! These are even more delicious. • 12 dried pepper “Chile Guajillo” (most grocery stores have them, check Hispanic foods aisle) • One tomato (boiled) • 5 cloves of garlic • 1 tbsp of pink salt • small piece of onion • 4 bay leaves • Avocado oil (great with high temperatures) • Spatula • Extra plate • Glass baking tray with aluminum foil • 24 tortillas • Vegan cheese of your choice (either make vegan “queso fresco” or purchase vegan mozzarella) pour in a bowl! • chopped romain lettuce and vegan sour cream 1. Take tops off dry peppers and empty seeds out, it’s okay if you don’t get every single one. Boil peppers until soft with 4 bay leaves and 5 garlic cloves 2. Blend pepper mix with onion an