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Hello Everyone! Can we all please take a moment to focus our attention on a very important matter, the bombings in Aleppo. Millions of people are dying & starving in the city of Aleppo, Syria. Children are constantly living in fear... no one should have to live that way. I understand that most of us cannot physically help in ceasing this situation, but every dollar counts. Donations will help fund rescuing and supplies that these people need. As a sister and daughter, I cannot express how much it breaks my heart to see photos of these innocent people suffering through horrors. I cannot even think about my little siblings being hurt in any way... think of your children and siblings as well. So please consider looking into this terrible situation. WE CAN spread the word and donate. We need to apply the same compassion towards this situation like we would in our own country. Silence is an enabler of horrible people... please don't be a part of it. DONATE:

Captured Insanity Shop

Hamza ''waterfall'' necklace Hello Everyone! So you all know how much I love my quartz necklaces and chokers! That's why I want to talk to you all about an amazing Etsy shop called ''Captured Insanity''. It is owned by the lovely Frances, she has been running her shop since 2014! THANK YOU so much for the kind gifts girl. I absolutely love them! You all need to check out her shop out and follow her on her social media. I will link it down below. Shop: Instagram: My video: Clear quartz Onyx quartz

Thanksgiving? | Protect Native Americans #NoDAPL

Hello everyone! So just like most of you all, I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving. I mean, what's so bad about a huge feast with your loved ones right? This day is suppose to be about stopping and being thankful for everything that you have. Well you all know that being grateful is one of the most important things to me. When we're thankful we are one step closer to peace within and one step away from a greedy mindset. After doing more research and listening to the opinions of others, I decided that I do not support the Thanksgiving holiday. How the hell are we suppose to ''celebrate'' when the very people that helped the pilgrims are STILL suffering? Yes, Native Americans are still a living group of people with traditions and sacred land that they value. I say that because Cece (my sister) actually had a member of the Comanche tribe come and speak to her class. Unfortunately I was not there, but there were college students (ADULTS) who did not know that Na

Girls Not Brides | Support Saturday

Hello Everyone! So I came across this petition and decided to look more into it. The petition's goal is to raise awareness against child marriage. It is primarily protects young girls from child marriage and FGM in the UK, but is based in OVER 80 COUNTRIES. I really think that this issue needs world wide attention. It is time we stop this practice. Change doesn't happen unless people speak out and bring attention to it. Marrying child not only deprives them of a childhood, but of basic needs... they become dependent and dis-empowered. Not to mention pregnancy which comes with terrible risks that put the lives of the mother and the baby in jeopardy. So I hope you all decide to sign this petition! It is super easy and there is also an option to donate. Thank you all for reading. Their stories: '' Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 28 girls every minute – married off too soon, endangerin

New Chapter

Hello Everyone! I would like to welcome you to my blog! If you're new here or have been here for a while, THANK YOU. So I thought it was time for a much needed change and hopefully this new design is easy for you to navigate and overall have a nice experience when reading. When I first began writing on here... I had a vision for myself to simply put my thoughts, updates, on here, but most of all to listen and to talk to you all. I still do. My main goal is still to connect, hopefully bring joy and maybe even a form of inspiration to other's lives. In no way do I view myself as a role model, but I do not view myself as a ''bad'' person. I'm not here to impress anyone with superficiality. I do not wish to contribute to a never ending cycle of hate and drama in society... especially, on the internet. I've had so many people tell me to create a ''brand'' for myself, (I have nothing against those who do) ,but that's not me. I'm s

#BoycottDriscoll's | PROTEST

Hello Everyone! I would like to bring this protest to your attention. If you have not yet heard of the Driscoll's protest here is an insight. These immigrant workers are out in the scorching sun picking fruit for about $6 an hour for 12-15 hours! They are being treated terribly and harassed every day. IMAGINE how much bravery it took for them to come together and tell authorities. Not only are they being assaulted while trying to work (including child workers), but they are being threatened and the employers refuse to negotiate with them for better working conditions and salaries. These people are the backbone of America and some don't seem to want to understand that. Look around you; your gardener, school janitor, construction worker, ect. They are all part of the immigrant labor force because they have families to provide for. They are WORKING they are trying to survive. These people deserve EQUALITY and to be treated better. That is why this protest calls for an end to:

Women's History Month | Selena Quintanilla

Hello Everyone!    So who has heard of Selena? No, not Gomez. THE Selena Quintanilla. A Mexican-American woman born in Corpus Christi, Texas who revolutionized fashion and Tejano music. She was unfortunately murdered 21 years ago today... ,but I would like to focus on the impact she made on many lives during her short life. Selena began her singing career in a band called ''Los Dinos'' which was managed by her father. In fact, more than one of her album's went gold! The queen of Tejano was a Grammy winner who also created her own clothing line. Everyone knew how talented and special she was. Most of all people would remember the way her smile and voice instantly captured someones attention. The way she danced, which seemed effortless. As some of you know I am also Hispanic and like Selena, extremely proud of my roots and culture.      Even though Selena was Chicana she never forgot her heritage. Her style and music derived from Mexico. NOW she still continues to

Women's History Month

Hello Everyone!      What does being a woman mean to you? We all know at least one women that we look up to. It may be your mother or maybe even a public figure. For centuries women have been belittled and denied so many basic rights. Expected to not have the ability of leaders, to stay quiet, to cater, to care for. Misogyny is alive in society today, women are suffering all around the world. Women should not stay quiet. You do not need a man's validation in order to be happy. Let's support each other.      Let's remember all the women in history and all the women who are currently fighting and have faced death in the name of equality. Those women are true heroes. The women who sacrifice everything in order for their children to be well. The strong women who suffer daily because they are not allowed to do even the simplest things. These women deserve a celebration. I'd like to thank all the women who have helped change society for the better.      Be brave,

#KissAndMakeup | Bystander Revolution & Tarte Cosmetics

Hello everyone!      Today, I want to invite you all to stand with Bystander Revolution & Tarte Cosmetics in order to raise awareness against cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is something that everyone should know is simply wrong to do. Why bully someone, even online? Words truly damage people and with so many young kids online... the effects can be terrible. ''#KissAndMakeup'' is a trend designed to start a more positive online culture.      All you do is post a photo of yourself with a kiss mark (on your hand) covering your lips, then you compliment and tag a few people. I think this is a lovely way to just put out good vibes. I do remind you that this is for EVERYONE not simply women. Although, I highly support the concept of us women sticking together and supporting each other instead of dragging each other down. On that note, I hope you all decide to support this great cause. Thanks so much for reading.

Update & Deleting Social Media

Hello Everyone!       How are you all? I wanted to discuss why I have not been uploading YouTube videos every week on my channel RoseLifeXO. I noticed that I did very well during the month of December! Which I'm happy about. Haha Anyway, it is because I had been moving houses and if you all have not experienced that, then let me tell you that it is very stressful. Especially with a big family and having college every morning (plus sometimes evenings). Even though yes, I have been under a lot of emotional/physical stress... I will be fine. Basically, me filming while feeling down would've been negative. I enjoy sharing parts of my life with you all, but I rather keep a balance of me being real and keeping negative things off of my content. My motive is to spread positivity. The last thing I want to do is complain, so I will not do that! Overall, I am happy about the move and glad that I am almost settled in. The place will only be temporary, but I do not want to get into that.