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Goodbye 2015

Hello Everyone!      As 2015 ends, I'd like to say goodbye to it and everything negative that came with it. Whether the problems were internal or external, I want to cleanse myself of any bad energy and toxic things/people that made me unhappy. Let's surround ourselves with positive people. Please don't get me wrong... I believe 2015 was good to me. I actually focused more on blogging & creating YouTube videos more consistently, which makes me extremely happy. I grew close with some of the most genuine people that I have ever met, and for that I am unspeakably thankful. I feel like 2015 helped me open up to a lot of new things that I just needed to experience. The highlights... I'm sure you all already know what I'm going to say haha. They were definitely the concerts I went to!      This past February, I saw Lights for the very first time live, she is my favorite female artist. Next, I saw one of my favorite pop punk bands for the first time, All Time Low wh

YOU. Your inner being; No label needed

Hello Everyone!      Today I want to elaborate on one of my main ideals. I call it an ideal because based on very personal experiences, this is something that I very much value.  Everyday I try to get closer to not only discovering who I am, but living the life I want for myself. It's certainly not easy, but it is very much worth it. I constantly see many people being afraid of showing themselves to the world. So many factors go into this, from wanting to impress someone to being told how to act. For most, acceptance is the goal... but what if you only needed your own acceptance and approval?       It has to do with the fact that us as humans have been conditioned to society's standards. For example, what is beauty? What is an acceptable way of living? And even the opinions that we have. We're expected to overall live so limited and unrealistically. It's such an irony actually, the reality is unrealistic. In my opinion, we have so much more potential and life wit

Summer Favorites 2015

Hello Everyone! Finally, it's Autumn! So I decided to film a Summer Favorites, just some things that I enjoyed and wanted to tell you all about. I hope you all had an amazing Summer. Please let me know what were YOUR Summer favorites. I'd love to check them out. Below is a list of the items and a link to the video if you prefer to watch it. Thank you all so much for watching and reading. Video: Summer Favorites - Celaphil Gentle skin cleanser It is amazing for cleaning the skin without drying it our, it leaves it super soft and moisturized without a greasy feel. Also, comes in many sizes. Perfect for night time use. Beauty By Nature, Brightening Creme Use twice a day for a more even and bright skin complexion Rimmel lipstick- Kate Moss #29 Beautiful berry tone, super pigmented and moisturizing. Rimmel Wake Me Up concealers- Very Fair & medium Holy grail concealers, I was finally able to get my hands on

DIY Back-To-School lunches & snacks

Hello Everyone! So these are some delicious Back-To-School snacks/lunches that I think you might enjoy! I personally love each and every one of these so I hope you do too. Remember that these are my choices so you're free to replace any. 1) Green Smoothie! 1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple 1 small to medium banana (ripe and peeled)                                                                               1 pinch of ginger 2 handfuls of spinach or kale 1 cup water or coconut water chia seeds  Then blend all the ingredients together, serve, and enjoy! 2) Toasted sandwich!  2-3 slices of (vegan or non) ham or turkey Romanian lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, avocado, & any other veggies of your choice mustard, mayonnaise, or any other sauce you like cheese (of your choice) 2 slices of bread of your choice lowfat butter a small pan toothpick (to keep your sandwich together haha) First you'll need to heat your pan on low, then you butte

World Vision | Support Saturday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Support Saturday, I want to introduce you all to the World Vision humanitarian organization. World Vision helps children and their communities from all over the world. They are wonderful and I've personally had a lot of experience with them. My family has been sponsoring a child through them for over a year. You may send in monthly donations or a one time donation. If you choose to sponsor a child, you keep in contact with them all the time. There are options on your World Vision account to write emails or send letters electronically. You could also send packages, but they have to meet a certain size requirement. These will be translated by their staff so you don't have to worry about that. Be sure to call the office for any questions you have, they are very helpful & friendly. Through the year you will also receive updates on how the donations have been helping the child and their community. Our sponsored child Sylvie, has better a

STOP Yulin Dog Festival | Support Saturday

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce to you a new segment on my blog & YouTube channel, called "Support Saturday'' . I will be choosing a cause/charity about once a month to post about. I invite you to help me raise awarness for these important matters please. So I chose the Chinese Yulin Dog Festival that will be held June 21st, 2015.  If you are not familiar with it it's when about 10,000 dogs are murdered and sold for their meat. Some are even stolen from their homes. This heartless event is not a race issue, it is a moral one. I don't understand how some people can do this. It is our duty to speak up for creatures that cannot even speak. So please if you don't have anything positive to comment, then save that energy and use it for something positive. Below I will leave links to donate and or sign the petition to stop the Yulin Dog Festival. Let's come together and spread light. Thanks so much for reading! XO DONATE:  http://www.whosa

Future Hearts Tour

Hello Everyone!      Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 Cece and I went to the Future Hearts Tour in Dallas, Texas. I primarily went to see All Time Low FINALLY, but I adore all the others bands as well. It was our second time seeing State Champs! They are one of my favorite pop punk bands for sure. I cannot describe how rad the line-up and set-lists were. The show was perfect and I am so grateful for the experience! I tried my best to vlog some great footage so please check it out the video on my channel  Thanks for all your support babes. I appreciate it :-) Be fearless & smile! ❤

April 1st, 2015

Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing? Well I just simply wanted to say hello and that I hope you all are doing wonderfully. I also just really felt like writing. I cannot believe that we are in April already! About 2 more months and I will be done with high school. Surreal. As of right now my University plans are going well. Let's just live life. Know when to not take things too seriously... to the point where we feel on the verge of a breakdown. Anyway, lately I've been doing more mediation and it has been great. I feel so much refreshed and centered afterwards. I definitely recommend you to try it! Because this week my anxiety had been acting up... during school. Not fun at all. I'm glad I know the source though. That helps. Don't you hate it when you miss someone? It's annoying. Haha, but I keep reminding myself that if they really wanted to be part of my life... they would. Let's not force things. Another thing going on in my life at the moment, is that

STOP Lime Crime Make-Up

Hello Everyone! As many of you know I adore make-up! I do, it's one of my passions and I simply love the way you can use it as a form of art & expression. So recently the Lime Crime Make-up scandal was brought to my attention. Sadly, the owner Doe Deere is a rude and unethical woman. Who has been repackaging products as her own, possibly stealing from her own customers, degrading them, and even lying about the quality and ingredients of LimeCrime products as well. Throughout the past I had always been debating whether or not to purchase any Lime Crime products. I've seen MANY negative comments and stories about how ''coincidentally'' money had disappeared out of their bank accounts after purchasing from this company. Also about how many different products were terrible in quality, or how the company was simply being shady in several ways. How about you actually listen to your customers instead of blocking them on social media? I'm grateful to have never

Late Winter

                                                              Hello Everyone!      I came out of hibernation today! Just kidding, it sounds cozy though. So it's currently the end of February and for the past week the weather has been very cold! It snowed twice, which is unusual for a city in Texas. The first time it was very light, but it got icy and they closed school. Then the second time it snowed much more. I basically only ended up going to school once all week. Not complaining! Haha the day I went it was an odd scheduled. I've said this a million times, but I do not like cold weather. Might as well enjoy it though. I can't help, but crave to be living in warm places like California. Not only because of it's weather, but a change in atmosphere would be very nice.      All this time that I've spent at home has been nice though. I've gotten more organized, filmed videos, and caught up on shows and movies of course. A while ago my friend recommended a movie

Best Drugstore Bronzers!

Hello Everyone! Today I am reviewing my top favorite drug-store bronzers! They are a mix of matte and shimmy ones. Overall, bronzing has to be one of my favorite areas of make-up. I enjoy it so much! The pallets are so beautiful. So if you like keeping a year round tan or just love the look of defined cheekbones then check this list out. Let me know if you have tried any of these or which caught your eye! Thanks for reading babes. Xo 1. Bronze Booster by: Physicians Formula in medium to dark This bronzer is amazing and one of my favorites! It also comes in Light to Medium. It is not matte and does have shimmer, but at the same time it is a very nice amount. The pigmentation is wonderful and does not give an orange tone. It also comes with a brush and mirror. You can purchase this for $8.99-15.00 2. Smooth Skin bronzing face powder by: NYC Not only is this product highly talked about, but it is VERY affordable. It is usually sold for around $2.99, but is great quality so I

DIY Vision Board

Hello Everyone! To begin with, I've never really been into New Year's resolutions. One reason is because I like to constantly work on myself throughout the year and set goals for my self quite often. That's just me. If you're the type of person that actually makes New Year's resolutions then that's fine as well! The key is to follow through and reach any of our goals. How do we do that though? Well personally, making a list of things I need to do is very helpful. Another way is making a VISION BOARD. For those of you that don't know what a vision board is, it is basically what those two words mean. It is a board of your visions/goals that you have. It can be for life or for the year. So below I created 5 steps to make your own vision board! I think it's such a fun and helpful idea. So I hope you all try it out and tell me about your vision boards in the comments or send me a photo of them on my social media! Keep striving for your goals and t

2014 Highlights/Resolutions

Hello Everyone! I'm just making a quick blog post to share my new video with you all! It has been a while since I've make a new blog post. I've had a throat infection which means I've been coughing quite a lot. I'm feeling better now though. So I hope you all have been doing wonderful! Thanks for the patience! Please make sure to check it out my ''2014 Highlights/Resolutions'' video. I appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to give my videos a like and subscribe. I really enjoy making these YouTube videos so I hope you enjoy watching! Also, I'm currently working on making my channel better; like using my more professional camera (I currently don't have a USB for it which I need to get), but there are other very important school related things that I have to take care of first. Anyway, have a nice day babes! Email me if you ever need or just want to chat at Be fearless & smile! ❤