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Hello everyone!

Welcome to another Support Saturday, I want to introduce you all to the World Vision humanitarian organization. World Vision helps children and their communities from all over the world. They are wonderful and I've personally had a lot of experience with them. My family has been sponsoring a child through them for over a year. You may send in monthly donations or a one time donation. If you choose to sponsor a child, you keep in contact with them all the time. There are options on your World Vision account to write emails or send letters electronically. You could also send packages, but they have to meet a certain size requirement. These will be translated by their staff so you don't have to worry about that.

Be sure to call the office for any questions you have, they are very helpful & friendly. Through the year you will also receive updates on how the donations have been helping the child and their community. Our sponsored child Sylvie, has better access to clean water now and is currently learning many things. It is absolutely amazing to know that you;re helping to shape a child's future for better. Not only will they be having clean water & food to drink, but they also receive a decent education and medical attention.

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