Hello everyone! I am super excited to share this article with you all. Today I would love to talk to you about SimplyCodes! This post is especially for all my fellow shopping enthusiasts like me or even people who choose to only shop on occasion or when shopping for necessities. Click here to access the website and look through it yourself: SimplyCodes

Now, if you know me you might be aware of my love for shopping… especially when done efficiently! In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays are upon us and with them comes great saving opportunities like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Through the years these days have been popularized and are now eagerly awaited for. Personally, Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days of the year because it is not as known as BF. If you are not one to enjoy that craze of shopping in-store during November and its freezing weather, then please stay tuned for the full review and my personal experience with SC.

I wanted to share SimplyCodes with you before all the important dates that are coming up and have a chance to discuss a bit more about WHY and HOW it’s truly amazing! SimplyCodes is a wonderful extension that you can add to your browser. Not only is it easy to use and install, but it efficiently helps you find any existing coupons on each website that you shop from. As opposed to extensions like “Honey”, SC does not have a waitlist. So you do not have to worry about being waitlisted. I use to shop through “Honey”, but for this very reason I stopped. It was way too complicated to work with and unpredictable. I also like how SC does not take up much room on my screen, so I can look through websites freely and it can be hidden as well.

I have personally been using SimplyCodes for a couple of months now and have saved a lot of cash using the coupons that I have found using this browser extension. I have purchased gifts for my loved ones and essentials that I have needed from brands like “Makeup Forever”, “SHEIN”, “Romwe”, and “Boohoo” which is a lifesaver! I would say that I have found coupons through SimplyCodes for about 90% of my shopping. The only website I remember not finding a coupon for my needs was for the store “West Elm”. Make sure to comment down below which stores are your favorite to shop from! I would love to hear your opinions. I appreciate finding new sites to browse through and learning about different products that I should try. 

Another great thing about this extension is that just a few weeks ago iOS approved SC as a mobile extension as well. If you are like me and enjoy shopping from your phone or iPad on your free time then please download it here on the App Store and give it a try for yourself! I hope you take the time to download SC on your browser and mobile device (with Safari), maybe compare and contrast which version you like to use the best? I like both, but prefer the mobile extension. Simply *no pun intended* because I have the freedom to browse from my phone from wherever I am at and whenever I have the time to shop! I am positive that you will find it extremely useful and helpful with future savings. A major plus is that you can shop from the comfort of your cozy home or from wherever else you choose!

The holidays can in fact be a stressful time, but why not let SimplyCodes make it easier for you to save on gifts for your family, friends, and let’s not forget about treating YOURSELF! Because you deserve great savings as well! As I often say, “Shopping is a part of self-care!”.

I have always been honest with my audience about the products/services that I discuss on my blog and social media platforms. I only want to share with you all the ones that I firmly believe in. Not only do I believe in SimplyCodes, but have gotten to know and support the people behind it all. They are kind and caring individuals with great ideas. 

So if you decide to check out SC and like how it is as of now, I am pleased to tell you that it’ll keep getting better and better. They are working on introducing new features and improving the design. I believe that shows dedication, as a brand we never stop learning and listening to our audience in order to know what you all want. Growth and reaching as many people as possible is the goal! 

As always, thank you for reading and for your continued trust/support. Feel free to leave down below any savings that you made or your thoughts on this extension! 


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