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Animals are angels! + Donation links!

Hello everyone! I am back. A lot has happened in these months that I've been gone. I'll start by saying that there was a bad situation with my boyfriend's dog recently and she sadly ended up in the emergency room. THANK GOD, she's okay now! I hadn't felt worry and pain like that for an animal since my dog went to the hospital. I care deeply for animals and I love them so much. To better explain, I hadn't been that close to an animal going through something bad because of the fact that I don't know many people with pets. Just being in that place and seeing all of the sick fur babies made me tear up on the inside. I've always felt other's pain very deeply, but when it comes to kids or animals... it breaks my heart. I feel like this whole experience helped me and my boyfriend grow even more. We both believe and always try to remind each other that we can always learn from even negative experiences. I tried by best to keep him positive through such a