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Autumn Favorites

                                                         Hello Everyone! I filmed a Fall Favorites Video a few weeks ago, that can be seen on my YouTube channel: I hope you all enjoy it. Please make sure to give it a LIKE & subscribe. Thanks so much lovely people! Below is a list of my favorites from the video and I also wanted to include a few other of my favorites that are not really physical haha So here they are- 1. Cream Butter Pecan Candle 2. Maxwell House International Cafe "Pumpkin Spice Latte" 3. TM black boots 4. Black tattoo choker 5. (Vegan) Leather Jacket in black 6. Black leather-like skinny jeans 7. Maybelline Volume Express Mascara 8. Essence pen liquid eyeliner 9. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in ''Black Cherry'' T.V Shows- American Horror Story "Freak show" New Girl Movie- "Reincarnation" Chanel Short Film If I Stay APP- Etsy Bands-In-Town Music-

Christmas TAG!

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, best wishes to all of you. I hope it's full of love and smiles. Anyway, here is my Christmas TAG! I tag all of you to answers these in the comment section, I would absolutely love to read them. 1. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s, or dress up for Christmas? I like to dress up for Christmas, I can only recall one year where I didn't!  2. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be? That is a very difficult choice, but my mom. Haha. 3. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? The tradition in my family is to celebrate on the 24th of December and then we open our gifts at mid-night, but open Santa gifts in the morning. :-) 4. Have you ever built a Gingerbread house? Yes, but only once.. didn't go very well. Haha. 5. What do you like to do on your Christmas break? I like to take time for myself during Christmas break(yoga, vlogging,

CHANEL ''Reincarnation'' Short Film

Hello Everyone! In earlier December, "Reincarnation" a short film and teaser directed by  Karl Lagerfeld  was released just before the  CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 M√©tiers d'art collection show, which was given a contemporary twist and infused with Austrian tradition.  The 7 minute short film portrayed the legend of how Coco Chanel was inspired to design her iconic jacket. To begin with Coco Chanel envisioned a stylish jacket for women that was also movable. She wanted her designs to make woman feel comfortable in them. A mazing how an elevator bell boy was to be the inspiration for such a splendid creation. The short film features the beautiful model, actress, and singer Cara Delevigne & singer/song writer Pharrell Williams. Delevigne plays a routy waitress and later Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria. Pharrell Williams not only portrayed  Emperor Franz Josef , but he was also the bell boy.  During the major scene, Cara Delevigne is dressed in an eleg

Fruit punch & pumpkin

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing two autumn style recipes with you all, that I have been LOVING! One is a drink and the other is a snack/dessert. They are both vegetarian as well so no worries my fellow vegetarians or vegans. Haha  ♥ Now for the drink, it is a homemade style hot fruit punch. I know that for example guavas are not typically sold in Canada haha because I gave this recipe to one of my Canadian friends, but no worries! It can still be made. Ingredients: -1 medium pot -FRUIT!- 3 guavas, 3 apples, 2 oranges (rinse) -2 Sugar cane, YES! the real kind because it is the best sweetener for this drink and is a fruit as well *optional* -1 medium stick of cinnamon -Small handful or spoonful of Jamaican/flower leaves *optional* -Brown or white sugar Step 1: Pre-heat your pot with 2 liters of water to medium heat Step 2: Let it boil and add the stick of cinnamon and Jamaican leaves Step 3: Wait 5 minutes and add the fruit Step 4. Wait 10 minutes and check if fruit is

Sister To Sister

Hello everyone! Well as some of you may know I have a sister named Cece (Cecilia) which is also my best friend and co-owner of , little sister named Camila, 2 younger younger brothers, and a precious little girl from Rwanda, Africa named Sylvie that I care for as a sister, which my parents decided to sponsor as well! They all mean the world to me and in a way these crazy kids inspired me to sign up for an event called ''Sister To Sister''. I basically got assigned a little girl for the day. I was assigned a 9 year old girl named Noelia. We met and I got to know her for about an hour while we had breakfast and talked. To my surprise she was also vegetarian and loved YouTube as well. Rad chick haha. After that we got to go to an arcade/bowling alley and had pizza. Who doesn't like pizza right?! Also I vlogged, but unfortunately I lost half of the footage and I didn't think it made sense to upload just one half. It was hilarious, bec

Hello November!

Hello everyone! How is it November already?! That means sweater weather, Thanksgiving, and more! Haha It is insane to think how fast the time has gone. 2014 is almost over and 2015 will be here soon. I have to admit that I have mixed emotions about that.. pretty soon many changes will be happening in my life and I'll be making tough choices. I don't want to get into that right now though. Anyway, how was everyone's Halloween? If you celebrate it, I hope that you all had fun and got loads of candy! Heart To Heart front man So I just hope that you had a wonderful start to this month already! I sure did, I'm so happy I went to the Pure Noise Tour last night. State Champs and the rest of the bands were rad as heck. I hope that November in general, brings us all many great memories & blessings. I personally, plan to start making more YouTube videos/vlogs (open to suggestions). I have a few ideas for new videos & blog posts for the near future too so I'm

Parks & Devastation Tour | VLOG |

Hello Everyone! How are you all? :-) I hope you're doing wonderful. So I recently uploaded Cece and I's Parks & Devastation Tour | VLOG | on Like I mentioned in  the video, it was pretty hard to vlog in the pit. I mean it's BMTH & ADTR haha, but I tried and it ended up being a lot of footage.  The show was amazing and surreal. I also decided to keep a lot of it because I liked the look of the full experience.. isn't that what a vlog is suppose to be. Well to me it is :-) I hope you all LIKE it/subscribe and let me know in the comments if you went or your favorite band! Be fearless & smile! ❤

You need nature & nature needs you

Hello Everyone! So few weekend ago I chose to volunteer for a river clean up. My city does it a few times a year and this was my first time going to this event so I was pretty stoked. There were only seven people participating in the group I was in so when we got to the lake I did not expect so many people! I was wrong though, quite a lot of people were there from many different organizations and churches. The day started off as cloudy, but the sun began to shine about an hour after we arrived.. so it got pretty hot! It was hilarious trying to walk down steep pavement and into a bridge that lead us over the river. There were many hills so overall it was a leg workout haha. Cece and I decided to explore some places while we were there and found a pond. As you can imagine the rocks had a lot of bottles and such caught between them though so I hiked down to get them out. It was a good feeling seeing the difference afterwards. Later on, we all went downtown for a gathering with the res

Sexual Harassment

Hello Everyone!      As I sit here tonight, drinking a cup of tea and think about the immense amount of controversy in the past few days surrounding Sam Pepper, sexual harassment allegations against him, and the whole YouTube community in general. I can't help, but write my thoughts about it. If you know me, then you know that I'm someone who not only makes YouTube videos, but adores watching them as well. Therefore, I'm very fond of this community.      All of this angers and saddens me quite a lot. Sexual harassment cannot be excused as a ''prank'', it is not a joke, and there is nothing funny about it. If someone does not want you to touch them then don't do it! Simple as that. There is absolutely NO excuse for touching someone without their consent. Well I know for a fact that Sam is a disrespectful person because we were at the same event last year and seeing how he was acting, I didn't even bother to talk to him. Now, with all these ladies c

We're a bit weird

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I've posted, but like I said before I'll always let you know on twitter :-) Last weekend I hung out with one of my best friends and my sister. We went out for food and to do some shopping. So I vlogged our little adventure, also this happens to be one of my first times vlogging in public haha so I'm pretty happy I did. Friends are such a precious thing. Treasure them and laugh because laughter is truly a medicine that is good for the soul! Sometimes you just have to stop and make sure that you're happy and not just stuck doing things that make you miserable. So if you can change it.. which in most cases you can then DO IT. Well it was lots of fun and I hope you enjoy! Be fearless & smile! ❤

You're not alone!

Hello Everyone! Wow you just never know what is going to happen! Last week was pretty eventful and not in a good way either. Well on Wednesday which was the third day of this new school year a girl from my school that was also in my grade unfortunately committed suicide. Although I did not know her personally, it does not mean that it didn't hurt to hear such terrible news.. so sad. She and her family are in my thoughts & prayers. I am so sorry to anyone that has ever had the want to leave this Earth because it's truly one of the worst feelings ever. In her case, I do not know if she was a victim of depression and out of respect I don't want to mention why she did it, but no one deserves to feel alone, anxious, or like if there is no other way.   Rest In Peace Katherin and may the light be with you. Also that same day Leda Muir (HaiLedaBear on YouTube) decided to put an end to her internet presence by making a Goodbye video in which she explained why she was leaving

First day back

Hello Everyone!  Well today was my first day of 12th grade in high school, I'm honestly stoked for it to be over because I just really want start going to University and live life more to the fullest. I'm not really in the mindset of  ''OMG senior year'' because it's still school and there isn't anything that I'm looking forward to this year really except for anything that will contribute to graduating. I know it might sound weird, but I'm not really the type of person that would go to prom and such..especially since it's only my 2nd year at that school, but yeah that's just me. Anyway, as my sister Cece and I arrived at our school, a teacher that I already knew came up to me and just asked me how my Summer was. Luckily she also told us what class to go to since no one had an idea of where to go haha. Then I met up with 2 friends and talked to them for a while before the bell rang. Homeroom was probably the only class that I did not l

Back-to-School Advice

Hello Everyone! Since it is that time of year again when some of us go back to school I decided to share a few tips and thoughts about it, especially for the first day. I happen to go back next Monday so that's that, also m ake sure to let me know in the comments what grade you are entering or have entered this year. That's be rad.  I hope you all enjoy reading them and find them helpful! Xo 1. Get a good night's sleep- This has always been recommended when starting school again and it is actually very important. Trust me, you do not want to feel exhausted the first day or have puffy eyes. You're going to need the energy to look for classes and hear any information from teachers that you're going to need that week and such. 2. Breakfast- It's a good idea to eat something before school so you're not hungry before lunch or so you don't go through that awkward moment of your stomach growling in class. I've been there haha. What should you have

Liebster Award

Hello Everyone! First of all, I would like to begin by thanking the lovey Freya Blendell writer of  for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  I appreciate the wonderful opportunity. I would also like to thank everyone who has followed my blog or commented. You all are so nice and I hope you are doing well! Here are the questions I was asked to answer :-) 1. How did you come up with the title of your blog? Well I just decided to keep it simple and use my name as the title. 2. What is your favorite thing about blogging? I have many favorite things about what I do, but mainly the opportunity to help others or make them smile. 3. Do you prefer smoothies or milkshakes? I love both, but I would have to say milkshakes! Especially chocolate ones. 4. What would be your dream career? I definitely want to continue blogging, but I would also like to work in the fashion industry. 5. Who is your favorite blogger? I would have to say Evelina Ba


                                                                                                   Hello Everyone! I recently came across a very disturbing photo on instagram that made me quite angry and sad. The photo showed a young girl and the words ”Eating Isn't Very Chanel” across it. This is basically saying that you have to starve yourself according to Chanel or to be able to wear it, which is very false! In reality, eating is very important and suggesting others or advertising them not to eat is something that shouldn't be done. Whatsoever. I couldn't believe that someone would actually make something like this and post it on the internet. It sickens me to think that these type of pictures actually affect people. Especially since there is so many young kids online nowadays that are easily influenced. I would also like to point out that besides the photo being negative. It is also very inaccurate. First of all Gabrielle ”Coco” Chanel was a woman that was fo

The Beginning

                                              Hello there! I'M Aley. Well to begin with I am very stoked about starting this blog. It’s something that I've wanted  to do for a while now; I have always enjoyed literature in general. I am really striving to make a  positive impact on the world... that is one of my life goals actually. I think that as long as something is worked for then it will be achieved. Not only will I be writing about current issues in my generation, but would like to include personal experiences in order to maybe help others. Life has many ups and downs.. both do a whole lot of teaching, but I've realized that the negative especially.  I also think it will be fun to include some DIY’s, fashion, and on some days simply my thoughts on here.. Well personally I find my thoughts not so simple, but maybe they are and it’s just me… wait there I go again haha. Anyway… overall, I believe in living compassionately and growing instead of simply g