You're not alone!

Hello Everyone!
Wow you just never know what is going to happen! Last week was pretty eventful and not in a good way either. Well on Wednesday which was the third day of this new school year a girl from my school that was also in my grade unfortunately committed suicide. Although I did not know her personally, it does not mean that it didn't hurt to hear such terrible news.. so sad. She and her family are in my thoughts & prayers. I am so sorry to anyone that has ever had the want to leave this Earth because it's truly one of the worst feelings ever. In her case, I do not know if she was a victim of depression and out of respect I don't want to mention why she did it, but no one deserves to feel alone, anxious, or like if there is no other way.  Rest In Peace Katherin and may the light be with you.

Also that same day Leda Muir (HaiLedaBear on YouTube) decided to put an end to her internet presence by making a Goodbye video in which she explained why she was leaving the internet. I have to say that seeing her in so much emotional pain made me tear up. I had been watching Leda's videos for quite a while now and it is definitely sad to know that she won't be making anymore videos. On the bright side! I'm so glad that she did what was best for her. Leda is a beautiful person that cares about her viewers a lot. She does not deserve to be bullied.. no one does and it's awful that this pushes people into tough situations. So I just wish her the best. I think everyone should take the time to choose the path that makes us happy and remove anything toxic from our lives.

I hate the fact that so many people suffer in silence these days or suffer at all. Look back now! Guess what? you have survived many things. Be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you. So please keep going. Never use a permanent solution for a temporary situation. Take time to focus on yourself.. discover & grow. You can only make yourself genuinely happy. I just wish it wasn't a thing. Instead, try to find a healthy distraction.. something that makes you happy. Listen, you are here in this world for a reason. Not everyone survives birth, but you did! You are breathing and can change things for better. Pain is not internal. Visualize now.. some day your tough times will only be a memory.

Besides simply writing about these two things, I think that in conclusion they are perfect examples of how we can handle & how these type of situations can end. Either we take action to change things that not good for us or things can end very badly. Don't sit there contemplating the pain or ever think that you have no options because there are. Trust me I know that depression will make you think and feel like you're alone in this, but you're not. Not everyone is going to judge you and there will always be at least one person that wants to help you ok?! I love you guys! You're rad as heck :-) Again, if you ever need someone to talk to or anything I'm here for you. Feel free to email: or tweet me at @AleyRose.

Be fearless & smile!


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