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Domestic Violence + DONATE to these foundations!

Hello everyone! Domestic abuse is a serious issue that has been normalized all over the world. For millions of years (in most countries), from the day a girl is born she is not treated as equal to the men. She is seen as weaker and basically bred to tend to others. We like to think that in the United States/modern day society this doesn't happen... ,but just like racism this discrimination is already deeply engraved. Even in the normal 2018 family. With this said, that is a huge factor as to why domestic abuse against women is so common. Don't get me wrong, abuse happens to everyone! Not only women! The saddest thing is that people who endure this violence and emotional abuse are put through it by their own s/o. How heartbreaking that the person you are in a relationship with can treat you so horribly. My mom went through it for over 5 years... I still remember vivid/traumatic scenes that a small child (anyone really) should see. The reality is, the abuse doesn't only