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Special Guest App

Hello everyone! How are you today? So as you all know we are currently in the holiday season. Which means that a lot of traveling, family time, gatherings, events, and parties are going on. Besides the food aspect of a party. What is the second most important element in one? Well that would be entertainment. A couple days ago I was told about an innovative new app called Special Guest. It was actually created by Damon Wayans Jr. I knew him by “Coach” on New Girl. He was actually one of my favorite characters of all time in sitcoms and comedy. In fact, he use to do stand-up comedy since years ago which is amazing. So Mr. Wayans knows how important enetertainment is. So let’s talk about your future gathering or party. It has to be fun and keep your guests having the time of their lives. So why not hire someone or a few people to help you make that possible?!  Special Guest  app is an amazing way to hire/find talent. For example, if you are having a birthday party, wedding, or even a g

Experiencing Dallas, Texas

Hello Everyone! So I know that I have mentioned a few times that I live in Texas, very close to the city of Dallas. I love spending a lot of time in Dallas because it's a wonderful city with a lot of interesting people. From Deep Ellum and its venues to tasty restaurants and beautiful homes. In fact, in the 1920's it was a haven for jazz and blues artists like ''Blind Lemon Jefferson'' and Huddie ''Lead Belly''.  The name derives from what locals knew as Deep Elm street if you were to purchase one of the new homes in Dallas , Texas you would be in for an experience. There are all types of neighborhoods here. You could hang out in Bishop Arts district or design district. Personally, I like to enjoy many rock concerts or concertos. Those are some of my favorite things to do. For example, we have the North Park mall for shopping for all kinds of shopping and several Whole Foods locations for conscious and healthy eating. Let's not forget abou

Kavanaugh, Kanye, and VOTING!

Hello Eveyone! We do not have the option of "I don't like being involved in politics". The United States has been suffering from systematic racism and discrimination since the begining of this country's creation. Now to having a bigot orange troll as POTUS. Many Americans disguise their hate/racism as patriotism, which is diminishes American pride even more. There should not be a safe space for hateful, greedy, and abusive people in this country or in the world. From the INJUSTICE during the investigation of the Kavanaugh case to Kanye's sudden love for Trump and the red hat. For the Republican people of the United States to go out of their way to support/defend a wealthy wh*te man who is being accused of sexual assault. The reason why? Because they will support the GOP no matter what in order for them to dominate the U.S. politics. Kanye on the other hand has lost his mind and I don't say that lightly. How does he go from "Bush doesn't care about Bl

The controversey of religion, IS SOCIETY WAKING UP?

Hello Everyone! Who else stays up at night watching unsolved mysteries and other spooky things? Well I am definitely one of those people. Yes, it's pretty fun, but I absolutely enjoy research. Aside from being interested in these things, there are a lot of cases that leave me angry and disgusted. Because most of these are true events that happened. For some people it may be difficult to fathom, but the reality behind it is as true as every day life. With that being said, atrocities happen all over the world and a lot of it is covered up. Today I want to talk about religion. I was raised Catholic, for years we went to church on Sunday. Then particularly in my family, we all began to get busier and go Saturdays or just on holidays. Point being, whether it's because people get busier or have less faith in religion people stop going to church. What a lot of society doesn't think about though is why do we go to church? Is it because of tradition? faith? pressure? guilt? Whateve


Hello Everyone! This past week I've been feeling very down/upset about what has been going on. I believe that anyone not speaking out about "Zero Tolerance" which involves te seperation of Mexican and Central American immigrant children from their parents is contributing with their silence. We are not in a time where silence is an option. No matter what your skin color is. Children are being taken from their parents. They are in cages. It's 2018, in the United States of America. We are suppose to be way better than this. Anyone arguing against this fact is blind to the reality surrounding us. I've seen arguments such as that it is the parents fault. No it is not, plain and simple. They are trying to save their children from the horrors that are happening in their home countries. I'm sure 99% of us who care about our family would to the same. On another note, a lot of Republicans hide their cruel ways behind being a false patriot. Patriotism is not an excus

CHANEL Paris-Hamberg 2017/2018 FASHION SHOW

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite fashion shows from recent years. I'll start by discussing the admirable architecture of this Germany venue. This is the first Chanel fashion show that I've watched that has this ''music hall'' style venue. From the seating arrangement to the orchestra playing in the center, this show had an elegant vibe. Personally, I adore classical music so I think that this was a beautiful touch for the cool temperature collection. The music that was chosen fit so well with this, everything looked so put together! The first few outfits were definitely my favorite. Oversized dark-colored sweaters and thigh-high boots. The adornments featured gave a holiday vibe without being too overwhelming. There were shades of reds, neutral tones, and sparkly embellishments among the clothing. The helmet style headgear with tulle fabric gave a sense of fierceness that supported Chanel's distinguished androgynous style

Domestic Violence + DONATE to these foundations!

Hello everyone! Domestic abuse is a serious issue that has been normalized all over the world. For millions of years (in most countries), from the day a girl is born she is not treated as equal to the men. She is seen as weaker and basically bred to tend to others. We like to think that in the United States/modern day society this doesn't happen... ,but just like racism this discrimination is already deeply engraved. Even in the normal 2018 family. With this said, that is a huge factor as to why domestic abuse against women is so common. Don't get me wrong, abuse happens to everyone! Not only women! The saddest thing is that people who endure this violence and emotional abuse are put through it by their own s/o. How heartbreaking that the person you are in a relationship with can treat you so horribly. My mom went through it for over 5 years... I still remember vivid/traumatic scenes that a small child (anyone really) should see. The reality is, the abuse doesn't only

Animals are angels! + Donation links!

Hello everyone! I am back. A lot has happened in these months that I've been gone. I'll start by saying that there was a bad situation with my boyfriend's dog recently and she sadly ended up in the emergency room. THANK GOD, she's okay now! I hadn't felt worry and pain like that for an animal since my dog went to the hospital. I care deeply for animals and I love them so much. To better explain, I hadn't been that close to an animal going through something bad because of the fact that I don't know many people with pets. Just being in that place and seeing all of the sick fur babies made me tear up on the inside. I've always felt other's pain very deeply, but when it comes to kids or animals... it breaks my heart. I feel like this whole experience helped me and my boyfriend grow even more. We both believe and always try to remind each other that we can always learn from even negative experiences. I tried by best to keep him positive through such a