Experiencing Dallas, Texas

Hello Everyone! So I know that I have mentioned a few times that I live in Texas, very close to the city of Dallas. I love spending a lot of time in Dallas because it's a wonderful city with a lot of interesting people. From Deep Ellum and its venues to tasty restaurants and beautiful homes. In fact, in the 1920's it was a haven for jazz and blues artists like ''Blind Lemon Jefferson'' and Huddie ''Lead Belly''.  The name derives from what locals knew as Deep Elm street if you were to purchase one of the new homes in Dallas, Texas you would be in for an experience. There are all types of neighborhoods here. You could hang out in Bishop Arts district or design district. Personally, I like to enjoy many rock concerts or concertos. Those are some of my favorite things to do.
For example, we have the North Park mall for shopping for all kinds of shopping and several Whole Foods locations for conscious and healthy eating. Let's not forget about the Texas State Fair in the Summer. It has the largest ferris wheel in the Western hemisphere and all kinds of fried foods like funnel cake, pickles, and ice cream. There is also a few museums that you could visit in downtown. Dallas is a city for everyone.
Dallas is a historic city. Movies like ''Bonnie & Clyde'', ''Batman and Robin'', and ''JFK''. were filmed here. Elevator music was introduced by Dallas in 1956. There is always something interesting to do. Imagine being able to call Dallas your home or even a place where you have a home and vacation at. Friendly neighbors and new people that you could meet. I hope yall look into the homes for sale here in Dallas, Texas. Enjoy the search for your new home!


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