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Kavanaugh, Kanye, and VOTING!

Hello Eveyone! We do not have the option of "I don't like being involved in politics". The United States has been suffering from systematic racism and discrimination since the begining of this country's creation. Now to having a bigot orange troll as POTUS. Many Americans disguise their hate/racism as patriotism, which is diminishes American pride even more. There should not be a safe space for hateful, greedy, and abusive people in this country or in the world. From the INJUSTICE during the investigation of the Kavanaugh case to Kanye's sudden love for Trump and the red hat. For the Republican people of the United States to go out of their way to support/defend a wealthy wh*te man who is being accused of sexual assault. The reason why? Because they will support the GOP no matter what in order for them to dominate the U.S. politics. Kanye on the other hand has lost his mind and I don't say that lightly. How does he go from "Bush doesn't care about Bl