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Hello everyone! How are you today? So as you all know we are currently in the holiday season. Which means that a lot of traveling, family time, gatherings, events, and parties are going on. Besides the food aspect of a party. What is the second most important element in one? Well that would be entertainment.

A couple days ago I was told about an innovative new app called Special Guest. It was actually created by Damon Wayans Jr. I knew him by “Coach” on New Girl. He was actually one of my favorite characters of all time in sitcoms and comedy. In fact, he use to do stand-up comedy since years ago which is amazing. So Mr. Wayans knows how important enetertainment is.
So let’s talk about your future gathering or party. It has to be fun and keep your guests having the time of their lives. So why not hire someone or a few people to help you make that possible?! Special Guest app is an amazing way to hire/find talent. For example, if you are having a birthday party, wedding, or even a going-away event then this app is a great way to go. This app is easy to use and free of costly fees. The talents start by creating a profile, writing describing what they do, and details about their personality and how their shows go. Everyone can use this app!

Here is some important info!:
On Special guest, you can search through profiles based on location, price, and availability. The filters make your search much easier and convenient. The benefits of using this app include: facilitated payments, provides in-app messaging, legal agreements & a cancellation policy, ratings and reviews for performers, and the ability of being able to track financial impact on the live entertainment. This all helps you and the performer!

I firmly believe that an app like Special Guest was needed in the industry. Not a lot of people realize what a huge part artists (that are not on major record labels) play kn society. We must be more supportive towards talent. This app is a wonderful way to help both you and the performer. This is why I honestly invite you all to try it. Feel free to comment about your experience as well.

Thanks so much for reading! xo


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