Hello Everyone!
I recently came across a very disturbing photo on instagram that made me quite angry and sad. The photo showed a young girl and the words ”Eating Isn't Very Chanel” across it. This is basically saying that you have to starve yourself according to Chanel or to be able to wear it, which is very false! In reality, eating is very important and suggesting others or advertising them not to eat is something that shouldn't be done. Whatsoever.

I couldn't believe that someone would actually make something like this and post it on the internet. It sickens me to think that these type of pictures actually affect people. Especially since there is so many young kids online nowadays that are easily influenced.
I would also like to point out that besides the photo being negative. It is also very inaccurate. First of all Gabrielle ”Coco” Chanel was a woman that was for comfort. In fact, she was credited for stressing woman's comfort and being one of the first designers to liberate women from corseted silhouettes.  

I personally, have always admired Chanel. I think she was a very amazing and hardworking person and to see things that disrespect her that way is horrible. In addition, I strongly believe that we should all (not only women) embrace ourselves as they are. You don't have to be thin or fit society's standards. BREAK THE MOLD just like Chanel did! You're very worthy and beautiful just the way you are.

Be fearless & smile!


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