Force of Nature - Clean Ingredients - REVIEW

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be back and ready to tell you about some amazing products that I have incorporated into my life. If you follow me on my main social media pages, which are Instagram/TikTok/YouTube then you will be familiar with the fact that I am a huge fan of natural and non-toxic products. The cleaning products that I use are not exception! It is vital for me to use non-toxic products to clean. This is not only because I'd like to say that I take great care of my health, but for the sake of my dogs' health as well. That is why I began to use the brand Force of Nature! They are one of a kind products that use the power of salt, vinegar, & chemistry in order to make a powerful, but safe cleaning spray. This cleaning spray can be used on many surfaces. I use it all over my home, including in my steam mop. I do not have to worry about my dogs absorbing harmful chemicals through their little paw pads or when they lick certain things because they can ingest harmful toxins. If you have children or pets then you know how crucial it is to keep them safe. With children there is much more danger, as the eldest sister in my family I still take care of my younger siblings. I also try to advise them to opt for healthier/clean ingredient products.

There are tons of harmful chemicals, sulphates, dyes, & fragrances in almost all products in homes. All of these products include the foods we eat, what we put inside and outside of our body, and of course what we clean with. Growing up I always saw the people around me use a lot of harsh chemicals and when I would help clean I instantly did not feel good. That is when my curiosity for clean ingredient products started. I am glad that as I grew up, I have continued to do my research. Now I only purchase products that I know are not toxic. Why not make the change to live a healthier lifestyle? It all started with small changes and they have made a huge difference. That is why I am very thankful for brands like Force of Nature. I tried out the Force of Nature starter kit and it was so easy and simple to use. I can breath easier and touch surfaces in my home knowing that I am not slowly poisoning myself. I am happy to say that I extremely recommend Force of Nature and trust it. This Starter Kit sets you up with everything you need! A multi-purpose cleaner that replaces kitchen, bath, glass cleaners, deodorizers, sanitizers & disinfectants. You can use it on almost any surface! This cleaner will leave your home smelling great and super clean.

The Starter Kit Includes: 5 Activator Capsules, enough to make 5 bottles of cleaner, Electrolyzer appliance, Power Cord, 12 oz Reusable Spray Bottle, Quick Start Guide, User Manual.


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