Late Winter

                                                              Hello Everyone!
     I came out of hibernation today! Just kidding, it sounds cozy though. So it's currently the end of February and for the past week the weather has been very cold! It snowed twice, which is unusual for a city in Texas. The first time it was very light, but it got icy and they closed school. Then the second time it snowed much more. I basically only ended up going to school once all week. Not complaining! Haha the day I went it was an odd scheduled. I've said this a million times, but I do not like cold weather. Might as well enjoy it though. I can't help, but crave to be living in warm places like California. Not only because of it's weather, but a change in atmosphere would be very nice.

     All this time that I've spent at home has been nice though. I've gotten more organized, filmed videos, and caught up on shows and movies of course. A while ago my friend recommended a movie named ''Palo Alto'', starring some of my favorite actors from my childhood like James Franco, Emma Roberts, and Natt Wolf. They had intense rolls and it was amazing to see them. Although, it was dark and one of those films that leave you to assume.. I loved it! Then another night, I watched ''Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'' with my younger siblings. Johnny Depp is so talented and Willy Wonka is hilarious. I'm not sure how to explain it, but some of the messages in the dialogue are genius.

     Also I'm pretty much almost done applying to different Universities. It's quite a process and it takes time, but all well. I'm sure it'll pay off. At this point I'm just going to let fate and destiny do it's thing. I know that college is not for everyone, but I personally think that higher learning is wonderful. I have no interest in following social norms so I'm just doing this for me. Final thoughts... make sure that you're happy with what you're doing and the decisions you make. We must grow through life any way.

Be fearless & smile!


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