STOP Lime Crime Make-Up

Hello Everyone!
As many of you know I adore make-up! I do, it's one of my passions and I simply love the way you can use it as a form of art & expression. So recently the Lime Crime Make-up scandal was brought to my attention. Sadly, the owner Doe Deere is a rude and unethical woman. Who has been repackaging products as her own, possibly stealing from her own customers, degrading them, and even lying about the quality and ingredients of LimeCrime products as well. Throughout the past I had always been debating whether or not to purchase any Lime Crime products. I've seen MANY negative comments and stories about how ''coincidentally'' money had disappeared out of their bank accounts after purchasing from this company. Also about how many different products were terrible in quality, or how the company was simply being shady in several ways. How about you actually listen to your customers instead of blocking them on social media? I'm grateful to have never purchased anything from them.

To the people who own Lime Crime products, it's up to you to continue using them or not... but personally, that would go against my morals. There are many better products and dupes out there! I believe that some make-up is definitely worth its price, but there is no worth when the quality is nearly zero. I cannot believe that this company went as far as to pretend to collect donation for charities that do not exist. Please be careful who you're buying from and supporting. I am so sorry to everyone affected by Lime Crime, including all the people who were stolen from and now have to deal with a lot of unresolved debt... and to those who believed that the products were vegan friendly. I also cannot help, but feel bad for Doe herself; the things we do will catch up to us. We can't base our success off money and lies.

Doe's Statement

Be fearless & smile!


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