Goodbye 2015

Hello Everyone!
     As 2015 ends, I'd like to say goodbye to it and everything negative that came with it. Whether the problems were internal or external, I want to cleanse myself of any bad energy and toxic things/people that made me unhappy. Let's surround ourselves with positive people. Please don't get me wrong... I believe 2015 was good to me. I actually focused more on blogging & creating YouTube videos more consistently, which makes me extremely happy. I grew close with some of the most genuine people that I have ever met, and for that I am unspeakably thankful. I feel like 2015 helped me open up to a lot of new things that I just needed to experience. The highlights... I'm sure you all already know what I'm going to say haha. They were definitely the concerts I went to!

     This past February, I saw Lights for the very first time live, she is my favorite female artist. Next, I saw one of my favorite pop punk bands for the first time, All Time Low which was in May! Then I got to attend Warped Tour '15 in June again, where I reunited with Damon Fizzy who was super sweet as always. Haha finally got to meet Jordan Sweeto as well, all the way from Australia! The bands that I finally got to see live for the first time were Black Veil Brides, Never Shout Never, Pierce The Veil & Citizen. It was neat.

     In August, I began my first year of college. So far, its atmosphere is very welcoming and all I can really say is that I enjoy it. I like where I'm at with my education... for now. Anyway, and September well it was quite a blur. So much studying!

     October was my favorite month of the year, for sure! I'm not going to go into that much detail of why, but it was. I saw All Time Low again, with Sleeping With Sirens which it was my first time to FINALLY see them, so I was ecstatic! Halloween was fun too. November brought good times as well, The Gravity World Tour with Against The Current (1st time seeing them live as well). Now, November 17th, 2015 was one of my favorite moments of the year... I attended Circa Survive's 10 Year Anniversary Tour for their album Juturna! Citizen and RX Bandits were there as well. Not only was it fun, but I'll never be able to explain the intensity of that show. Anthony Green's voice is truly a gift, the lyrics, the music, the people, the VIBE! It was wonderful. Last show of 2015 for me was The Haunted Youth Tour with Ghost Town and more!

     Disclaimer; I did not write about my experiences to brag in any way... that will never be my intention, because that would be a very selfish and dumb action on my behave. Anyway, if any of you want to see footage, there are videos on my YouTube channel. Well, I think that I'm going to stop here because I do not want to bore you all with details.

     Finally, I'd just like to thank all the people that made my 2015. YOU ALL are so kind to me and I feel like I can never thank you enough for the support. With that being said, there's nothing more precious than genuine people. If you have an amazing family and friends, please take care of them! See you all in 2016. Let's all embrace change and keep striving towards our goals. After all, the new year is to welcome closure & change within our personal life. Happiness is a state of mind. If I've learned anything is that hardiness & resilience are key to getting through difficult situations. Take care and contact me if ya ever need to chat.

Be fearless & smile!


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