Hello Everyone!
Can we all please take a moment to focus our attention on a very important matter, the bombings in Aleppo. Millions of people are dying & starving in the city of Aleppo, Syria. Children are constantly living in fear... no one should have to live that way. I understand that most of us cannot physically help in ceasing this situation, but every dollar counts. Donations will help fund rescuing and supplies that these people need. As a sister and daughter, I cannot express how much it breaks my heart to see photos of these innocent people suffering through horrors. I cannot even think about my little siblings being hurt in any way... think of your children and siblings as well. So please consider looking into this terrible situation. WE CAN spread the word and donate. We need to apply the same compassion towards this situation like we would in our own country. Silence is an enabler of horrible people... please don't be a part of it.

Save The Children:
World Food Program:
Doctors For Aleppo:
UN Refugee Agency:


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