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So just like most of you all, I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving. I mean, what's so bad about a huge feast with your loved ones right? This day is suppose to be about stopping and being thankful for everything that you have. Well you all know that being grateful is one of the most important things to me. When we're thankful we are one step closer to peace within and one step away from a greedy mindset. After doing more research and listening to the opinions of others, I decided that I do not support the Thanksgiving holiday. How the hell are we suppose to ''celebrate'' when the very people that helped the pilgrims are STILL suffering?

Yes, Native Americans are still a living group of people with traditions and sacred land that they value. I say that because Cece (my sister) actually had a member of the Comanche tribe come and speak to her class. Unfortunately I was not there, but there were college students (ADULTS) who did not know that Native Americans were still leaving. Astonishing right?! I see so many people saying that think they're ''woke'', but when it comes to standing up for others and education yourselves about issues that are harming other human beings... everyone seems to have an excuse.

While most of us are shopping and having a wonderful time, there are people suffering. For example, on 11/23/2016 The Huffington Post published an article about Native Americans in North Dakota being tear-gassed and attacked with rubber bullets and water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures! As some of you all may know, I was raised in Iowa. VERY close to North Dakota, I lived among a lot of these people... treating them that way is just inhumane. I thought this was the United States of America? These people are only excising their freedoms and attempting to protect their reservations from a pipeline that endangers their water supply/living conditions in their reservations.

So PLEASE, take the time to sign these petitions below. It helps very much... remember that while you're safe in your home. There is an entire culture still being oppressed! Also, if you want to read the rest of The Huffington Post here it is: THANKS so much for reading! Hope you all have an amazing day. You have a chance to be grateful and appreciate your family/friends EVERY SINGLE DAY. Much love! Take care. xo



  1. I'm actually native American mixed with immigrant Italian and german, the immigrant side only 3rd generation. I tend to look at EVERY sides argument as long as they are willing to debate and not just demand and call names if their side isn't considered the single truth without debate. My immigrant side was not here for the settling of this country but there random skin pigmentation (white) gets to take the credit in the eyes of my other side of the family either way.

    Please don't take this as an attack as it is not, just another opinion you should research before closing your mind to anyone who claims to have a monopoly of ideology or truth.

    There are ALWAYS two sides to every debate or even opinion.

    I'm definitely of the same opinion of the DAPL, but even though I agree with you, I continue you listen to all debate and opposition opinion as long as it's within the scope of debate and I can have rebuttal to their points.

    That being said, please don't demonize OUR last holiday the powers that be have been unable to corporatize the way they have destroyed Christmas, Valentine's Day and so on. This is the last holliday that has actually just brought family together to break bread and enjoy one another.

    Watch this video please, if you can get past some of the imperfections and just fact check the primary point's you might gain another perspective to mix into your world view, I know I did but mine is constantly evolving.

    I don't agree with every aspect of the video but I do see the point of the makers intent.

    I see no correlation between the Dakota pipeline and Thanksgiving, one has to make HUGE leaps of faith and demonize whole demographics to let something as unjust as the Dakota Pipeline ruin thanksgiving.

    Thank you in advance for allowing freedom of dialogue and opinion on your page here.


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