Making $ from home: TELEWORK APP!

Hello everyone! A lot of us have lost our jobs due to COVID-19, not to mention that it is extremely important to stay home if you are not out doing essential things. The majority of my days, I spend them trying to improve my brand and work from my phone. 

Today I'd like to tell you all about an amazing app that helps you make money on the web! I have always known that I wanted to work from my computer. As you all know, I am blogger and also make YouTube videos. Having an app/platform to speak to people while keeping social distance is crucial during this time.

The Telework app helps you make money while doing web video consultations. This app is great for tutors, instructors, and experts who want to hold video calls with their clients. This app lets you set your rate/prices and ''office hours''. For example, a musician who offers guitar lessons could use this app to organize their lessons. Work from home apps are the future!



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