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Hello everyone! It is great to be back. If you know me, you know that I am very specific when it comes to the games I enjoy playing. I prefer PC games rather than console gaming. That s why I wanted to tell you about It is a wonderful site with tons of game options. Plus it is absolutely FREE! I personally, like card games the best like their Klondlike Soliatire game. Card games are a fun and calm pass time! What I also like about this website is that on every game page, if you scroll down there is a set of clear instructions that you can follow step-by-step if you are new to the game and need more information about it. The information shows a summary of why each game has their unique name and the history. It also tells you how to start your game, the game controls, and scoring.

Another game that I enjoyed was the Spider Solitaire because of the versatile modes it has like easy, medium, and hard. The game deign is beautiful and not difficult to understand. During the first time I played the Pyramid Solitaire game, I thought it was very helpful that it offered a quick tutorial. The FReecell game was pretty fun as well, I liked it. Offers a lot of the same options as the others. It is a variation of the classic solitaire game. The Tripeaks game offers a \"\"restart\"\" button in case you get stuck in the game and wish to start all over. It also has bonuses for players when they clear a row instead of just 5 points. Golf and Mahjong were fun, but definitely not my favorite. They just weren\"t the style that I like playing.

Golf Soliatire offers an easy and hard mode. Mahjong offers some adorable graphic styles, so I loved how colorful the game was. Overall, I this site was super fun to use and as a great pass time! Great game selection and good for the mind. I highly recommend it if you like PC games or card games!

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