Cheers to New Begininngs... 2018!

Hello Everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you to my amazing boyfriend Eric for motivating me to do an end of the year post. Let's just say that my mind has been very scattered for the past couple of days due to me getting sick from an annoying cold & something negative that happened. Anyway, this year was extremely difficult. A lot of painful things happened, but I feel like this year tested me in a lot of areas. I learned a lot. 2017 was also VERY surprising, someone would've told me in 2016 everything that would happen... I wouldn't have believed them at first. Lol my siblings and friends made it all worth it though. I adore them.

Overall, I want to end this year giving closure to all the things that happened. No resentment to anyone that I cut off, I just needed to do so because I try to surround myself with only genuine and kind people. I'm a huge believer I growth and compassion. So I cannot be around people who are not true to themselves and are inconsiderate.
I want to work in 2018, work a lot in order to achieve many things. From helping a lot more non-profit charities to learning how to drive really well. Haha. I want to do more rad things with my YouTube channel and meet like-minded people that care about social issues and a healthy lifestyle. I just want amazing things to happen in 2018 for all of us! AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Stay strong, stay positive, and never lose sight of who you truly are. Put in the work to where you want to be. Make thankful a default mindset and never neglect the people who love you.

one of my favorite adventures of this year:


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