How To Meditate? What is meditation?

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So I really wanted to write about something that I'm passionate about, but I did not know what to choose until it finally clicked! MEDITATION. I'm not sure if you're personally familiar with what meditation is. It is defined as a practice where a person trains their mind or induce a mode of consciousness. Personally, I believe that meditating is progressive... the power to meditate is within us already. In order to properly meditate we must ask ourselves WHY. What is your reason to meditate. If you have no reason, well that's even better!
Some people begin to meditate because it helps them re-calibrate. That's how I see it, it brings me back in touch with my inner stillness. With everything going on in our everyday lives, we get sucked into society's standard's and worrying about dumb shit like what people think of you. When you mediate you RECOGNIZE your thoughts, you are aware of them, but you must ignore them. Do not make the mistake of getting mad at yourself for not being able to blank your mind. That's not the idea. Let your thoughts be... observe them, focus on your breathing, and let your mind flow.
I believe that EVERYONE should take at least 5 minutes a day to relax and be mindful. After a while you start making changes in your every day lives and it becomes a lifestyle. To me, that is the goal of learning about spiritual practices.
Go find a comfy spot, whether it's some soft grass or on your bedroom floor and just listen to your thoughts. You got this!

  • ''You make your own choices, and it feels like you're controlling your life to a certain extent-choosing your destiny. But sometimes it doesn't matter which choices you make: Life will keep reminding you of who you really are and what you're here to do''

  • ''You've already got everything you  could ever want or need, you are complete.''

  • ''Fulfilling happiness is within, not out there somewhere.''

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