Best Cities to Start a Business in Canada:

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In a global ranking by ​Swiss-Based Startupblink, Canada was ranked as the third best country to start a business following only the United States and the United Kingdom. Knowing which cities offer the best opportunities, will allow you to determine the best place to base yourself. If you’re considering making a move it can also play a part in deciding whether you want to purchase a house among the Ottawa homes for sale​, or perhaps something in Milton just outside of Ontario’s largest city, Toronto.
Ottawa, Ontario
Speaking of Ottawa, the nation’s capital is a major economic engine with a very high proportion of university graduates providing an educated workforce, many of who have international experience and training. Immigrants come from across the globe to settle here bringing rich experiences, languages and diversity. The fastest growing industries here are in food and beverage processing, information technology and healthcare. If you hope to draw on a highly educated, dynamic business environment to grow your business you’re looking to relocate, or you have a great ideal you’d like to see grown into a thriving business, you’re likely to do well in this city.
Vancouver, British Columbia
The 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Reported ​ranked Vancouver as the world’s 15t​ h​ best city to start a tech company, noting its high concentration of visual effects and animation studios, as well as its ranking as one of the top 20 Global Financial Centers in the world. The ​2018 report didn’t include a ranking by provided insight into key innovation ecosystems, highlighting Vancouver’s strengths in gaming, life sciences and cleantech, highlighting the fact that one-third of the $3.7 billion contributed by the country’s gaming studios comes from Vancouver. World-famous startups, including Slack and Hootsuite are based here. The city also has aggressive federal and provincial breaks in place, a pleasant year-round climate and an excellent concentration of skilled talent and labor. Some of its fastest growing sections include environmental protection, alternative energy sources and green building.
Edmonton, Alberta
A leader in Canada for multiple industries, including oil and gas, digital media and biotechnology, Edmonton is known to be extremely supportive of small business ventures with organizations set up specifically to support those organizations. The capital of Alberta also has several high quality post-secondary schools that continually bring more high-skilled employees to the area’s job market. Thriving industries here include technology, pharmaceutical, gaming and real estate.
Toronto, Canada
The largest city in Canada, Toronto is considered the country’s commercial, tech, financial and industrial hub. It’s home to between 2,500 and 4,100 active startups and boasts the largest
 innovation hub in the world. The annual operating costs here are significantly lower as compared to other leading international cities, and both the city government and Canadian government offer a wide range of incentives for businesses to grow. It also has the lowest development charges in the region which makes it easier to expand a business with lower costs. Some of the top industries here include digital media, green energy, entertainment, fashion and design.
If you’d like to run a business near a large city without having to deal with the hustle and bustle, you might want to consider Milton which enjoys a small-town atmosphere just east of Toronto.


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